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Honey, I’ve Got A Headache…

Have you ever had the desire to cozy up with someone on a relaxing evening, complete with homemade sweet potato chips, comfy PJs, a cuddly puppy, Netflix, and a big, snuggly mink blanket? It sounds like the perfect way to unwind and enjoy some quality time together, doesn’t it?

“Honey, I’ve got a headache,” is your chance to do exactly that – curl up with me, sip tea, munch on tasty snacks, and enjoy a cozy evening together all the while keeping our hands somewhat to ourselves. (Cuddles only!)

For the first time, I’m offering a purely social package that includes all of the above. This experience requires a minimum of three hours, during which we can play some music (softly, of course, because of my headache ?), prepare or order dinner together, indulge in a few cups of tea, and choose a movie to watch. Once we’re settled in, we’ll wrap ourselves around each other for a warm and relaxing evening.

Please visit the investment page for my rates.


It would be great if you could come up with a few movie suggestions beforehand, as I’m notoriously terrible at making decisions. I have access to Netflix, Amazon Prime, Stan, and Disney. While we’re discussing movies, let me mention that I’m quite sensitive when it comes to film choices; I’d rather avoid anything scary or sad. Happy endings are the best kind, regardless of the context. ? So, feel free to suggest simple comedies, romantic flicks, or action movies, and save the scary or gory ones for your personal viewing time. Fair warning: I get completely immersed in movies, so if it’s even slightly scary, be prepared for me to cling to you. And if it’s sad, expect tears… I know it’s ridiculous, but I embrace it wholeheartedly. ?


Kindly inform me at least 24 hours before our booking whether you’d prefer to order Uber Eats for dinner or if you’d like us to cook something together. I have an Airfryer, which makes preparing veggies together a breeze. In addition, please bring along any snacks and treats you’d like to enjoy during our time together.


Please keep in mind that this is a purely social experience – I have a headache, remember? ?

Yes, there will be cuddles, but we’ll be wearing our PJs, and our hands won’t be wandering. The goal is to enjoy a relaxed and affectionate evening together, savouring each other’s company, good food, and a movie. If you decide during our time together that you’d like more than that, it is, of course, an option. However, my rate will revert to the usual hourly rate listed in the investment section, and the difference must be paid immediately.

Available in Melbourne Only!

Pre-booking and deposit required.