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Spoil Me

Have you been thinking about bringing something along with you to our date? Or perhaps you’ve been admiring from afar and simply wish to show your appreciation in some way… Whatever the reason, I’m glad you’ve made it here! I love receiving gifts, and although they are in no way necessary – our time together will be equally as special whether you choose to bring a gift along or not – they are most definitely appreciated!

Below I have put together a wish list that you’re welcome to peruse; I love practical gifts so I’ve really tried to put things in here that I will actually use and enjoy.

If you choose to send a parcel, my PO Box address is listed at the bottom of this page.

If none of the below interests you, then perhaps gift me something that you personally enjoy, or that tells me a little bit about you. Maybe it’s a book that you’ve read and loved, or a piece of art, or a pot plant; maybe even an experience of some kind such as tickets to a show or activity. What do you enjoy? At the end of the day, whatever you feel is right will be perfect.


~ Sense Of Self ~

As you most likely already know, I absolutely adore touch and massage; especially the kind that allows me to take my time, unwind and relax in a Bathhouse afterward…

Sense Of Self in Collingwood is one of my favourite places to go, and gifts in the form of vouchers are some of my utmost favourite to receive…


~ Australian Natives ~

Having a bouquet of flowers in the house always brightens my day, and the ones I love more than any other are Australian Natives. If you’re seeing me in Melbourne and wish to gift me a bouquet, then it would be warmly welcomed and much appreciated!

If you’re seeing me outside of Melbourne, however; then perhaps it may be best if you look at other gift options on this page as, unfortunately, I will most likely be getting on a plane in the following days and won’t be able to take them with me. 

If you’re thinking of sending me flowers, then please reach out and ask prior as I will need to give you a different address to send them. The one listed below is a PO Box, and despite the best efforts of some, the post office won’t accept them.


~ Soh Agape Candle ~

I honestly can’t find the words to describe to you how much I love this candle from SOH. With its scent of Oakwood, Leather, Moss & Patchouli; it’s simply divine, and I can’t get enough! ❤


~ Clothing ~

If adding to my – albeit extensive – wardrobe interests you, then there are two clothing brands that I love and adore. Even just sitting here now typing this, I’m already excited at the thought. 

LuluLemon is where I get most of my activewear from, and considering that 80% of my clothing whilst going about my day consists of activewear, a voucher here will be very much appreciated!

Now, I’ve never much been into branded clothing and fancy clothes, but a clothing line I have a mighty soft spot for, and where I get the majority of my going out clothes from, is Zimmermann… Not that it matters too much to most, but it certainly does to me! Zimmermann is an Australian brand that not only uses 90% natural fibers, but also happens to make clothing that fits and hugs my shape in a way that very few designers I’ve come across can. They’re just a bit pricy, though; so I don’t allow myself to indulge too often.


~ Lingerie ~

I have been addicted to Lingerie since I was a child, oddly enough. I can even remember when it started, too. I think I may have been about 10 (or somewhere near there) years old when I first watched the 1994 movie, Bad Girls, with Drew Barrymore in it. It was set in the wild west, with Drew predominantly clad in corsets, stockings, garters, and long western-style skirts, and ever since, I’ve had a fascination and adoration for lingerie that I’ve not been able to shake… The industry I’m in now just gives me an excuse to fuel that addiction, I suppose!

These days, despite my efforts to control how much I obtain; the thought of receiving more still brings a twinkle to my eye and an all but too familiar rush of dopamine and excitement. ?Below, I have listed in no particular order, just a few of my favourite websites that I love to purchase from… 

Edge o’ Beyond, Honey Birdette, Studio Pia, and Bordelle.


~ Practical ~

Ever a lover of all things practical, it’s safe to say that Bunnings and JB-HiFi are probably my most-frequented places – aside from, perhaps, Woolworths – and on my days off I am more often than not pottering away in my little Garden or fiddling with my camera, computer, and various gadgets. So a voucher for any other the above with undoubtedly be used before the week is out. 

But all in all, the most practical and versatile of all is probably a Prezzie gift voucher. Essentially, it’s one that can be used at any of the above three places I just mentioned, as well as a whole host of others, from camping, flights, fuel, food, massages, and more.


~ Lady Dachy ~

Lastly, for those that follow along with the adventures on my social media pages of my little Dachshund, Lady, and I, and wish to get her a little something too; well, she loves anything that squeaks, as much as I hate to say it. She also loves pigs ears, balls, and anything and everything with chicken in it!


Isla Fae

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