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Below, I’ve compiled a selection of testimonials from lovers I’ve had the pleasure of spending time with over the years. As a companion, I’ve received hundreds of reviews, and reading through them, reminiscing about the beautiful moments we shared, never fails to bring a smile to my face.

Feel free to peruse these testimonials; I hope they assist you in deciding to come and meet me in person!

If we do meet and you also cherish our time together, please consider sharing your experience. Not only would I genuinely appreciate and enjoy reading it, but your testimonial may also serve as the deciding factor for someone else who is uncertain about whether or not I am the right choice for them. So why not spread the love?

If possible, I would be extremely grateful if you could leave a review on my Ivy Société page. However, if that doesn’t feel comfortable for you, please feel free to leave one here instead.

I recently had the pleasure of a return visit with this extraordinary women. My three hour encounter with Isla was so memorable that words can’t describe the pleasure of her company. She is a mature listener who relaxes you straight away. There is no rush and lots of sensual kissing and gorgeous cuddling. When the action starts, Isla takes you to places of pleasure that are rarely visited. A great lover and beautiful woman with curves that go on forever. Lovely peaches and cream skin that is soft. Can’t wait for our next encounter. Cannot recommend Isla highly enough.
You can’t regret seeing this beautiful lady! Can’t wait to see her again.

May 8th, 2023

My husband and I booked Isla for our first ever threesome last month and the experience is more than we ever could have hoped for. She was funny, charming, lovely and her skin is oh so soft! She made us both feel at ease quickly (we were both very nervous). She made sure no one felt left out at any stage which we appreciated too. She was sensual, playful, fun and very good at guiding the experience so that it all felt natural. If you’re considering Isla for a couples session – definitely book, she is incredible and we are very much looking forward to seeing her again in the future.
The orgasms were just the cherry on top of our amazing time together.

February 9th, 2023

Beautiful, soft, warm, gorgeous, stunning, sweet, lovely, incredible, and sexy!
Isla is amazing, made me feel so comfortable she is just a pure joy, I loved it all, her cuddles are to die for and she made me feel a million dollars.
You can’t regret seeing this beautiful lady! Can’t wait to see her again.

November 11th, 2022

By a fortuitous coincidence I was in Melbourne and was able to spend some time in Isla company, I had seen her website and believed I had an idea of what she was like and how a meeting would be, how wrong I was.
Isla is an incredible human and words cannot really do justice to how kind, caring and engaging she is. From the first moment until the last she creates a relaxed and safe environment which makes it feel like you have known each other for years helping to dissipate any nerves or anxiety you might have. She goes out of her way to make you feel comfortable and seen with engaging conversation and active listening, while also providing thoughtful insights which may make you look at things though another lens.
While she undoubtedly can captivate you mentally, she also has the unique ability to captivate you physically, before you know it you will have lost yourself in her eyes and been bewitched by her smile, all of which makes the experience of meeting her intoxicating and leaving you invigorated for days to come.
I cannot with words convey how if you are looking for a provider how special Isla is, whether you are familiar or not with this world a meeting with Isla will open you to a whole new level of experience that will only enrich your life.
Thank you, Isla for the time we spent together.

October 10th, 2022

Isla saw me and my partner for our first couples booking in April (see Bell’s testimonial above). The experience was sensational, so we invited her back for my birthday celebration along with Alice Grey (at Isla’s recommendation). An amazing 4-hour romp ensued, with Alice joining halfway through. Isla is beautiful – obviously – but photos don’t convey how sexy she is in person. She brings a naughty-but-nice erotic energy to a booking that must to be experienced first hand. Four hours is a long time to stay engaged and attentive to clients, but Isla was relaxed, charming, and playful throughout. She and Alice are wonderful together, and we look forward to seeing them again – one or both at a time!

October 6th, 2022

I had the honour of spending a sensuous and wonderful two hours with this beautiful lady. She is an intelligent, engaging and compassionate soul who was attentive to my desires and needs. A wonderful companion, a sensitIve listener and erotic lover. Thank you Isla for an unforgettable experience. You are a master courtesan!

September 9th, 2022

I recently had the opportunity to meet Isla for my first escort date. Being rather inexperienced in general, I was quite nervous before our meeting. Isla however was flawless in creating an atmosphere of mutual appreciation and interest that quickly made me feel comfortable and understood. She was perfectly responsive to my individual needs and provided gentle guidance and encouragement during our time together. After some time of getting to know each other, we started very slowly with cuddling and kissing, and went from there. Along the way, Isla found the perfect balance between introducing new sensations, exploring what I enjoy, showing me what she enjoys herself, and just letting things flow. Nothing felt forced or too serious, we just had a fun time together. Her charming personality even makes it seem superficial to talk about how stunning she is. From her amazing curves, soft skin, to her cheeky smile and look while giving and receiving pleasure. I truly could not have hoped for someone more empathic and compassionate to introduce me to these exciting sensual experiences. As a tip, I would definitely recommend setting up a date that is long enough so that you don’t have to miss out on the cuddles afterwards. I actually feel like I am not able to do the experience justice with my words, so I close just by emphasizing again how special the time with Isla felt.

September 3, 2022

I was fortunate to first spend time with Isla in March this year and as a mature virgin and no dating experience at all, Isla showed patience, kindness, and care.
I have since been with Isla two more times and she provides an experience that ensures my nervous energy melted away and instilled in me confidence and self-assurance, I never thought I had.
Isla, your openness and ability to welcome me, has helped me feel even more comfortable and more relaxed than I ever thought possible.
I can’t believe how time with you seems to stand still.
There are not enough words in the dictionary to describe Isla’s beautiful soul, appearance, and my gratitude.
I look forward to seeing you again later in the year.

August 31, 2022

I am a person with a disability and I had the pleasure, no the honour to spend a few hours with this most beautiful woman xx. From the second I saw her gorgeous smile and welcoming glance it made me feel like I had known her for years and our conversation felt that way.
I was nervous about the meeting but I had nothing to be nervous about.
The connection could be felt and the open mindedness and genuine want to make me feel needed and satisfied was present from the first minute
In the bedroom this beautiful smart woman knew how to make me feel things I had not felt in a long time. Her body and lips are just as in her pictures show and her sensual and engaging use of them gave me chills.
I can honestly say that anyone that makes the choice to be in this woman’s arms and bedroom will not regret anything, not for a moment. I will be back in those arms again one day!!!

July 23, 2022

Isla is a gorgeous lady inside and out. Her ability to put one at ease and hold a great conversation is unparalleled. I had an enchanting, authentic experience within her beautiful haven of a home. I unreservedly recommend her if you are looking for someone non-judgmental, classy and tender for companionship. Do book at least a few hours as time flies by blissfully (not that she rushes you out the door).

May 22, 2022

I was fortunate to meet Isla with another worker for what is one of the most wonderful experiences of my life. The care and attention to my comfort and needs were always a priority. I found it incredibly easy to get lost in Isla’s eyes and her cuddles made me wish I’d booked more time because I didn’t want it to end. I can’t wait to meet Isla again in the future.

May 10, 2022

My husband and I did extensive research on who we would like to have our first threesome experience with as it will also be my first experience with a woman, we wanted to make sure it will be as positive a session as possible. We decided on Isla firstly because she is absolutely stunning and very much both our type, and her website was so comprehensive which reassured us that she will be thoughtful and patient with us. We also loved that she included a telephone call with us prior to accepting the booking to talk us through consent and boundaries; it made us feel immediately comfortable and safe with her. The booking had a couple of hiccups as we both ended up with COVID and had to reschedule but the wait was absolutely worth it.
We decided to book a hotel for the day rather than worry about hosting at our place. Isla was great with communicating with us prior to the booking and turned up on time. It was pretty surreal seeing her in person; she’s even more beautiful in person, her photos don’t do enough justice for her cheeky smile and the twinkle in her eyes. We were both quite nervous and unsure but Isla was quick to put us at ease and soon we were chatting about all sorts of topics. We requested a particular outfit which Isla changed into. It was incredible seeing her walk out with it. My husband even said, I can’t believe she’s real.

Isla’s ability to create a sense of intimacy very quickly was very impressive – a true girlfriend experience. She is seductive and adorable at the same time. She was great at spending equal attention on both of us and was very sweet about giving me the permission to explore as much as I wanted, given it was my first experience with a woman. Though I wished I explored my sexuality earlier in life, I have absolutely no complaints about having Isla as my first.

The two hours went by so quickly. In hindsight, we should have booked for at least 3 hours to have some cuddle time at the end. Definitely recommend doing that for any couples considering Isla for the first time! The whole experience was extremely sexy but we also had lots of giggles and laughs through it, which added to the sense of intimacy. It was obvious from her photos that she has a spectacular body but I wasn’t prepared for how soft her skin will be and how nice she smells.

If any couple is looking for the perfect person to share their first threesome experience, you won’t have any regrets about going with Isla. We are already thinking about when we can see her again 🙂

April 20, 2022

Spending time with the charming and beautiful Isla is an experience that you don’t forget quickly. If you like being swept off your feet Isla is the one.

January 21, 2021

Intelligent, beautiful and magically seductive, Isla Fae is something special, with a style all of her own. From the moment those mesmerising blue/green eyes met mine, to the moment, still naked, she kissed me goodbye, I was completely and utterly spellbound. It may be a while, for various reasons, but I can’t wait to meet her again. Be warned, this lady is addictive!

November 17, 2020

I was 21 and a virgin so I booked isla and she could tell I was very nervous she took my hand and we sat on the edge of the bed and we just held hand for a couple minutes she made me feel comfortable and she is one of the nicest person I’ve met she is a beautiful person inside and out.

November 12, 2020

Was in Melbourne for a quick visit and had the pleasure of meeting the beautiful Isla. Wow this stunning and friendly lady is really an eye opener, her kind nature and fun personality are so captivating and the beautiful smile she possesses is truly a calming thing for anyone nervous as I was . Islas figure is so nice in all aspects and massaging her was such a pleasure to give and relax her to be as comfortable as possible. Gentleman as always if you treat this sensual lady with great respect, she honestly will make the companionship a memorable one . 10/10. Thank you.

August 5, 2020

Wonderful experience with Isla, and would love to meet her again and again she is down to earth and very warm person and she knows how make you very comfortable an excellent and exciting experience with her.

January 29, 2020

I had the utmost pleasure of spending an evening with Isla. She has one a beautiful sole.
Her very kind nature that makes you feel like she a long lost friend. When we out she rubbed her up down my back it gave me biggest goosebumps all over. When Isla laughs it just makes you what to laugh as well. Just being around this lovely Lady is a pleasure in itself.
If ever get the chance of spending time with her make her laugh make her smile enjoy her touch She is amazing to be around.

November 3, 2019

I always had a desire to meet beautiful and gorgeous Isla fae but i was not lucky enough untill today when I finally got a chance to meet her. Without any doubt she is stunning and flawless, the moment you met her she make sure you feel relax and comfortable which turns into fun. I wish i could have booked a more longer session with her but I’ll for sure in Future. Thanks Isla for your time you are Amazing.

October 20, 2019

I had always wanted to meet Isla for a while, but never had the chance….until now!
I had the privilege of being in the company of not only Isla, but also Jenna Love, for my first threesome. From the moment I met Isla, she was so sweet, kind, sexy and down to earth. I honestly don’t know if I have enjoyed myself as much during a booking as I did with these two ladies. The endless playful laughter between us all definitely put me at ease and made the whole time a lot of fun. I cant wait to meet up with Isla again…..she is most certainly one of a kind.into fun. I wish i could have booked a more longer session with her but I’ll for sure in Future. Thanks Isla for your time you are Amazing.

September 23, 2019

Having spent time with both Isla Fae and Jenna Love separately, I had the privelidged and luck to see both of these lovely ladies together. I say luck cause I was supposed to see Isla but was sick when she came to town and she suggested that when her and Jenna were together I see them both. The first vision I saw of them was outside when they came to meet me and were both wearing the same dresses which was very cute. But even better was when the dresses came off they were wearing matching lingerie which was a request of mine. We then proceeded to enjoy each others company which was an incredible experience. The connection these gorgeous women have with each other is amazing and that you are included is unbelievable. This is even better as they are both incredible and beautiful people on the inside. They are two of the most loving people you will find. This was one of the most pleasurable moments i have experienced. If you ever have the chance to see them both take the opportunity. Thank you both for an amazing morning. This means the world that you have given me an experience with you both. I really appreciate it.

September 22, 2019

Oh my God!!
What an exciting arvo spending time with such a lovely, outrageously charming, pure hearted, exceptionally gorgeous young Isla Fae. At first glance, my whole world was like slowed down. I looked up from every single thing of mine and layed eyes on the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. Perfect dreadlocks that rested right above her shoulders and green eyes that could swallow galaxies. Her perfect skin that looked so fragile yet so soft and the unerring amount of freckles around her nose. Cheeks the colour of pink roses and eyelashes longer than anyone’s I’ve ever seen. And her out-of-this-world body caught my attention, a small waist hidden under a well tailored plunging neck tie front red dress and curves at right places seeking attention. This was the girl, the girl that I know will change the way I look at life. I’d rather say the way her eyes are
UNIQUE – one can dive deep into them. In short, one of the best/finest personalities I’ve came across in my entire life. Love the way she smile, please and teach. A must see kinda beauty.
Heartfelt gratitude my lady for this wonderful gesture!!

September 8, 2019

My wife and I have been planning to invite someone to join us for some time and we got to bring this fantasy to life with the beautiful Isla. She put us at ease within the first few moments of arriving, melting away all the nerves. Isla is more sensual and passionate than we could have imagined, leading us in one of the most intense and pleasurable experiences we have had as a couple.

September 5, 2019

Second time seeing Isla last week and like a fine wine each occasion gets better.
Beautiful eyes to get lost in, a cheeky and addictive laugh and genuinely engaging, it’s like the rest of the world just does not exist when you are with her.

Very smart and engaging in conversation, Isla is a wonderful person that will make you melt.

August 27, 2019

Isla. Thank you for your down to earth and accommodating personality. Isla is professional but really makes you feel like she is your girl friend for the time you are with her. I saw Isla in Sydney and will make every effort to see her again. Thanks

June 29, 2019

The most striking thing about Isla are her eyes (as indicated by the photo above). And for me, that was enough to make contact.
My time spent with Isla is time spent with someone who is charming, great for conversation, in possession of a loud laugh and has the act of intimacy down to an art form. She was welcoming, very accommodating to my requests and sensual in her touch. And, of course, her eyes.

Will I be seeing her again in future? Of course. How can i say no to those eyes….?

June 24, 2019

I met Isla few days back. As you all know, she is gorgeous. But also has an astonishing personality. I never seen such a beautiful dreadlocks before. I must appreciate that she is taking a good care of them.
She welcomed me in that gorgeous outfit like in the photo that I chose. We had a very friendly conversation in the beginning, later it becomes too intimate. She comes close to me and started kissing, then put her legs across my hip and continued kissing. Her kissing was too good that we never feel to stop. And while in that position. It was amazing to run my hand all over her smooth skin. After that she take me to her room and the rest happened was completely an Isla moment. I loved it. Thank you Isla, for treating me in an extra ordinary way.

June 13, 2019

We are a couple who recently enjoyed Isla’s company for our anniversary, and we are so glad we did! We had been monogamous for 5 years so were very nervous, but as soon as we met Isla she immediately made us feel comfortable. She was kind and very genuine, damn cute, and so much fun! The experience has sparked more intimacy between us and a deeper bond and appreciation of each other, so thank you for that Isla! We look forward to you next visit.

S & M
May 13, 2019

After almost missing out on the opportunity to meet Isla, I was super super happy that I was able to spend the time with her.
From the moment she entered the bar where I was waiting for her after a long tiring day for both of us and being able to relax with a drink each, and just sitting and chatting with her, Isla was very warm and welcoming, she was so down to earth and easy to talk to. There are very few ladies these days that are as awesome as Isla is. Just sitting and talking alone was enough to brighten my mood and get excited to spend time with her.

Once alone with her in her hotel room, there was no rush into anything. From just sitting and getting close, to slowly exploring each other before moving to the bedroom to enjoy one another’s company even more has no words to describe her.
Even relaxing afterwards made time feel like it was going so slowly, that when our time together was over it was such a disappointment to leave.

I will be sure to book more time with Isla the next time she is in town, or if I’m ever in the same town or city as her, and I’ll be sure to make another long booking as well.

Thank you Isla.

May 11, 2019

Wow wow wow I just had amazing time with this lovely lady. She is so sensitive sensual fully enjoyed my time with her. If you like good relaxing time not feeling rushed then pick Isla her touch is awesome her kisses are just the best. Xoxo

May 3, 2019

In four bookings, Ms Isla Fae helped me to transform from a confused and not satisfied, perhaps a bit frustrated visitor of sex workers to an inspired and confident guy who enjoyed visiting sex workers again and knew what he needs in a booking. I could also practice my social and dating skills on Isla and build my self-confidence, while I enjoyed her companionship, her beautiful body and curves, and her very pleasant kisses, cuddles and touches. Isla is a perfect girl for guys who need more than the basic skills in an escort.
A meeting that changed everything

Before I met Isla, I had a mixed bag of experiences. Some bookings were great. The majority of my bookings in recent years were a bit disappointed and didn’t make me feel good. I didn’t really know why. I was getting confused and it was seriously affecting my pleasure in visiting sex workers. I had not visited sex workers for a long time when I booked Isla for a couple of hours and I gave it another go. I entered her apartment a little nervous and we started with a relaxing and interesting conversation on her couch. After a while we moved to her bedroom, where Isla made me feel really relax when I was lying on her bed next to her. I enjoyed her kisses, cuddles and touches that followed a lot. I fondled her perfect body and her beautiful curves. Playtime that followed was intimate, fun and exciting. The hours spent with Isla were great. I felt on top of the world and felt we had a connection. It felt so good that the thought that I could become addicted to Isla crossed my mind.

It was a long time ago that I had a booking that made me feel good. On the way home I had a big smile as I was very happy and satisfied. Isla had said that she would tour my city after a few months and before I got home I decided that I wanted to see Isla again on her next tour. I had an afterglow that stayed with me for days. In the week that followed, I remembered something that Isla said during our conversation on the couch that resonated with me. She perfectly reflected what I was looking for in a relationship in my personal life, but also in bookings with sex workers. It gave me clarity about what was important to me and, perhaps more surprising to me, it gave me permission to make it more the focus. It also explained why previous bookings were great or disappointed depending on whether it was there or not. It was a big part of my time with Isla in the bedroom and I understood that this made my time with Isla so wonderful and perfect. This was an eye-opener for me; a gift.

When communicating with women, I always felt a bit tense and when I first communicated with Isla, it was the same. In the months that followed, we exchanged more messages, while I shared my joy about the first meeting and we planned and organised the next booking. It was easy to communicate with Isla and gradually I felt more at ease. I enjoyed my first time with Isla so much that I wanted to spend more time with her during the second booking, so I booked her for an extended dinner date. As I studied her tweets, I read she loves dinner dates. I am not experienced in dating. I only had a few dates with girls in real life and I had never had a dinner date with an escort. Because Isla had a calming influence on me, I saw the opportunity to practice my social skills with her. I shared my plans with Isla and she replied with an approving “You can practice on me all you want”. I needed some intel to organise the dinner date from a friend of mine and Isla’s code name became “my teacher” in the talks with my friend, although I didn’t tell my friend what topics Isla was teaching.

When planning our dinner date it became clear that I would not be able to meet Isla for a long time in the near future. I felt Isla grew on me and if the dinner date would be a success, I wanted to do something special with her before I couldn’t see her for a long time and I was thinking about a couple of days together in a hideout a bit out of the city in the forest. A couple of days with an escort was far out of my comfort zone and something very new to me. Although I had only met Isla once and had exchanged some messages, it felt okay.

First-time dinner dates with an escort

The day of my second booking with Isla came by. It was my first dinner date with a girl in a very long time and the first time with a sex worker outside the bedroom. I had visualised every step of the date many times, but still a bit anxious I drove to her place. I picked her up from where she stayed and we drove to a nice seaside restaurant just in time for a beautiful sunset. Food is one of Isla’s biggest pleasures and I am guilty to say I let her choices of meals influence mine. As the night progressed I felt more relaxed and at ease with Isla. We had lots to talk about and I was happy with her choices for my meals. I enjoyed Isla’s company very much and before I knew it we were one of the last people in the restaurant. We drove back to Isla’s apartment and moved quickly to her bedroom. I had discovered Isla’s love for massages and she liked me massaging her. I loved touching all the parts of her body while she showed her pleasure with small purring sounds like a cat. After the massage we had an intimate playtime. At the end of my booking our bodies were entangled. The night couldn’t have been better. I enjoyed every minute of it. Things worked out as I had planned, I didn’t make a fool of myself and I was very happy.

I had a great time and I decided to tell her about my plan for a 48 hour booking at this getaway place just outside the city. She liked it. She would be back touring my city at a time that wasn’t suitable for me for a 48 hour booking, but I would love to meet her for another dinner date before the getaway escape. After a couple weeks of tense waiting Isla had worked out the days and two bookings were made for another extended dinner date and a 48 hours FMTY escape with Isla two days for myself. I had to admit I was impressed by myself. Before Isla my longest booking was for a couple of hours and now I had booked an escort to fly across the country for me for a 48 hour booking. With a lot of anticipatory pleasure I started planning and organising the two dates.

After a couple of months the second dinner date followed the same scheme as the first dinner date. Isla was already waiting for me at her place when I arrived to pick her up. I had only met Isla twice and it felt very much like meeting an old friend who I hadn’t seen for a while. I was very happy and excited to meet her again. We went for tapas and smoothly we negotiated a nice list of tapas dishes, which one by one were delivered to our table. My work had made me a bit tense that week and Isla’s company had a relaxing effect on me. It was perfect. Back at her apartment I enjoyed our playtime very much and too soon the date had to come to an end. Both dinner dates were great fun and went perfect. This gave me a lot of self-confident. It felt that the end of my booking came way too early. An extended booking, e.g. a 48 hour booking, made more sense to me than ever before. I was very happy I had something to look forward to.

A beautiful and special first-time multi-day FMTY getaway

For our getaway I had booked a two day indulgence package at a wellness centre in the forest. It was nice self-contained room with a spa and the package included a couple massage in the wellness centre. I hoped that Isla would like it. A month after the second dinner date I picked her up at her apartment for a third and last time for a long time. This time for a 48 hours FMTY outside the city. She came to my city for me, for me! Okay, I did book and paid her, but still I felt special that she agreed. I was as happy (and excited) as Larry.

After we stocked up on supplies for our stay we went to a fish pub for a nice lunch. During the lunch Isla introduced me to a nice typical Australian drink I didn’t knew before. We left the city for the forest after lunch and drove to our getaway. Isla inspected the room and liked the place I had booked. I felt happy and a bit relieved. After a while we jumped in the spa and started a lovely talk. The sun set and the night moved in. Isla loves food. She also enjoys cooking and as a true Aussie (I’m not) she prepared our dinner on the BBQ. The company and the dinner were perfect and beautiful. It was getting late. Isla was not adjusted to my time zone and getting tired. We concluded our night with me spoiling her with a massage from head to toe. Soon after we felt asleep, a couple of hours after Isla’s original planned bedtime.

Isla had made it clear she wanted to wake up herself. I was awake early and it was a challenge to not snuggle up to her before she woke up. I liked looking at her while she was fast sleeping; looking at the bed sheet as it perfectly followed the lines of her beautiful body and curves. While waiting for her to wake up it was exciting to imagine touching her body as soon as she would be awake. It was for the first time I woke up next to a girl and it gave me a good feeling. After morning cuddles and kisses I asked her what she wanted for breakfast and brought her breakfast to her in bed. After a while it was time to get up and go next door for our couple massage. Although Isla loved my massages very much I never had a massage myself and was looking forward to our couple massage. I liked the massage very much and was very pleased that Isla also liked her massage very much.

After the massages we went to a place in the forest a couple of miles away for some relaxing drinks. I took the opportunity to order the Australian drink Isla introduced to me a day earlier and had a new favourite. Time slowly moved towards lunch and we ordered lunch at the same place. After lunch I felt an big appetite for her body and we went back to our hideout . We cleaned each other thoroughly under the shower before moving to the bed and enjoying each other naked and shower-heated bodies for a couple of hours.

When playtime finished we jumped back into the showers to prepared ourselves for another dinner date in the city. For my last dinner date with Isla for a long time I had chosen a restaurant at a beautiful spot overlooking the river. Isla jumped on the opportunity to order several oysters. After a tasty main meal we decided to take our desserts at our hideout. We still had the desserts from our in-house meal of the previous day. Still not adjusted to my time zone and after a long day the day before, Isla had to call it a day before she finished her dessert. She was already fast asleep when I put the blanket over her body. Satisfied with two beautiful and perfect days I took the empty spot next to her in bed.

The next morning I woke up again early and had déjà vu feelings when the morning followed the same way as the day before. Slowly coming to the end of my booking our talks became more personal and I felt completely at ease with Isla. I told her personal things about me and she replied with beautiful and inspiring insights of herself she had learned over the years. She gave feedback on my social and dating skill I had shown. Those insights and feedback were very useful to me, gave self-confidence and helped me forward. We packed our stuff. I drove her back to the city and dropped her off at her requested address. We said goodbye and had a last hug. Because I knew I couldn’t see her for a long time I felt a little sad and very happy at the same time.

Isla is a beautiful, talented and very special girl

There were six months between when I talked to her for the first time on her couch in her apartment and when I had a last look at her in my rear-view mirror when I drove away. During the four bookings I had with Isla, she had made an indelible impression on me. I have become very fond of her and like her very much. I had a lot of fun with her. She had shown me what I was missing in a booking and brought love and intimacy back into my life. She created an atmosphere where I felt safe to explore myself, to discover things about myself and to learn from what Isla taught me. I felt inspired and more self-confident after meeting her.

Isla is a great and beautiful playmate in the bedroom. Playtime with her was perfect and she knew how to please me. She is affectionate. Her touches and cuddles feels so good. It is as good as (touch) therapy can be. The time flew when my body and her touched. Every time I looked into her beautiful eyes and at her gorgeous smile, every time I fondled her beautiful body and curves and every time I touched her soft breasts, I wanted time to freeze and the moment to last forever.

Isla is more than a great playmate. She is also a great and relaxing companion. I enjoyed the many meals we had together and the conversations we had. I felt relaxed in her company, what does not always happen with girls for me in real life. The talks we had were entertaining, there was never a dull moment and there was also time for some “me time” or silence time. At some point during the planning, I felt a bit anxious and her reaction was lovely and sweet and made me feel better.

She is also a great and skilled teacher. I was able to practice my social and dating skills on her. She gave good feedback that helped and build my self-confidence. She also highlighted some areas where I can grow and develop more. I felt safe with her to show vulnerable and insecure parts of me. She handled it with grace and give beautiful insights of her own she has learned over the years. I learned a lot about myself with her and from her. She was a big help.

I can’t wait for the moment I can book her again and plan my next lessons with “my teacher”, even though I have to wait a longer time than I would like before there is an opportunity again to book her. Maybe, I am a bit addicted to Isla; maybe, this detox period is there for a reason.

Isla is a great and beautiful girl and perfect for guys who are looking for extra attention and special skills in a sex worker. I highly recommend Isla for guys who need more than the basics. Isla loves to help you with your challenges. Send her a text or email and see how she can help you.

April 16, 2019

The world would be such a better place with more people like Isla. Absolutely gorgeous, affectionate and genuinely listens. Loved my time with you. What you do to help people who are really struggling with one thing or another in life, you can’t put a price on that.
Hope I can see you again soon.

April 14, 2019

What to say about Isla. As soon as you meet her you are put at ease with her beautiful personality. Then everything that happens is exquisite. Her touch is very sensual and soothing and relaxes you so then you can just enjoy every minute spent in her company. Isla you are a beautiful soul and I am looking forward to continuing this when I see you again.

April 3, 2019

Wow. I seriously think I’ll just quit seeing my psychologist right now because spending time with Isla was by far the most therapeutic experience I’ve had in months. Facts. Also, I cannot get over how soft her skin is. The hype is real. I look forward to the next therapy sesh.

April 2, 2019

First time meeting Isla I was extremely apprehensive and I have no idea why. Isla was very warm, welcoming and engaging. She has beautiful soft skin, captivating eyes and a laugh that is full of life. My time with Isla was better than expected, not rushed, and had me definitely looking forward to her next visit. Thank you.

April 1, 2019

Isla and I met during a surreal and tough time in my life, but a time made more bearable by her presence. She is warm, compassionate, kind, and has a great ear. Wise beyond her years and with impressive business sense to boot. I can’t believe anyone would not find themselves immediately put at ease by her relaxed and charming demeanour. If you are looking for a hard to forget experience with a truly genuine human being, then Isla is your girl.
Thank you once again for a great evening, Isla. Take care.

March 22, 2019

Every once in a while the universe lets you meet someone special. Recently, that someone for me has been Isla. I have seen her twice now. It would be more but I am in Perth and, alas, Isla is based in Melbourne although she does travel around frequently.
The first time we met I was nervous but she soon calmed me down with some conversation and her gentle, accessible manor and her big laugh! The second time was just perfect. We carried on where we had left off and things just happened so naturally. She is a stunning girl with alluring eyes, beautiful curves and the softest porcelain skin. If you prefer your women to be natural in appearance (she simply doesn’t need any enhancing), personality and spirit then Isla is the girl for you.

Isla lives in the moment and wants to take you with her. You will have no problem going with her, believe me!

March 13, 2019

I spent four hours with Isla and, thankfully, she comes as advertised: she’s gorgeous, down-to-earth and absolutely hilarious. And yet what isn’t so obvious is that she’s also a very smart cookie, a young lady blessed with wisdom beyond her years, making her the ideal partner for a meaningful erotic encounter.

Feb 12, 2019

Time stopped for me when I saw Isla’s SB Profile & had such a strong urge to meet her straight away, I’m so glad that finally I met her today & to my surprise she’s even way more beautiful than she appears through her photos.. Isla you’re stunning, beautiful inside out & I can’t get out of your hang.
Your gentle hug at my arrival & your genuine & calm attitude to comfort me out of my nervousness is commendable, I can still feel your soft touch all the way to my soul. It was so hard to leave you at the end but I had a wonderful time and I can’t wait to be with you again ASAP. A big thank you for now xox

February 6, 2019

I had the pleasure of meeting Isla couple of months back and i still feel i am in my dream world. Such is the impact of her presence. Words cannot describe how good she is. Amazing!!

January 31, 2019

Isla is a complete angel – awesome company and her laugh and sense of humour are incredibly infectious.

January 31, 2019

I have just come from meeting Isla for the second time and once again I had a sensational time. Isla is an amazing woman. She has an incredible ability to make you feel comfortable straight away. I’ve always been mesmerised by her eyes but laying next to her and gazing directly into them I was hypnotised.
A sensual and passionate kisser, she makes you feel like you are the only 2 people on the planet. I don’t need to say how georgous she is physically but it is her cheekly smile and warm attentive personality that draws you to her.

I cannot recommend Isla highly enough and I can gaurantee you will have an incredible time and you will walk away with a massive smile that will last for days.

Thanks again Isla and I can’t wait to see you again.

January 13, 2019

I was lucky to meet Isla Fae for the first time just this weekend gone and, she is absolutely amazing! Isla makes you feel like you have known her for quite some time, after having a lovely conversation at the beginning of our booking. Isla is simply gorgeous and very polite. I had quite a lengthy booking with Isla but it seemed in no time at all, our time had unfortunately come to an end. From our polite and lovely conversation at the start, to just simply cuddling quietly on the sofa, all of it was an absolute blast and I just didn’t want it to end!

January 15, 2019

“Cutie Patootie” is the word that comes to my mind when I think of The Beautiful yet Mesmerizing Isla Fae. Isla is one of a kind; she is stunningly gorgeous, witty and extremely smart. Isla is a magician who can defy the laws of physics and make the time disappear. If you want heavenly cuddles, authentic romance, and out of this world lovemaking, then do yourself a favor and book some quality time with Isla Fae NOW. I am sure you will be booking again and again and again……..

January 13, 2019

Isla what can I say..I have been following Isla on Twitter for a while and finally I was lucky enough to meet this lovely girl on 18/12/2018. I asked Isla to meet me at 8.30am in Melbourne CBD I know its a very early but Isla able to made it. I also wanted a true girl friend experience and Isla delivered it above and beyond. It was a good genuine intimate love making for an hour. Her skills were awesome. From the first conversation to the final kiss the time well spent.

December 19, 2018

I met Isla in one of her most recent tours. Since the moment we met she struck me as a very caring, lovely person, her internal beauty is as extraordinary as her looks, her smile is breathtaking, the way she makes you feel at easy in her company is extraordinary. My time with her has been one of the most enjoyable experiences I ever had. Looking forward to see her again

November 29, 2018

Life is about experiences, and to spend time with Isla is an experience that words fail to describe, but you will know the whole time spent with the lovely Isla will stay with you, and you will cherish every memory of every moment.
From the relaxed and intelligent conversation over a meal, to the way you will shiver from her touch, you will feel as if the time with Isla will last forever, and then it still will be too short.
The unbridled joy in her laugh is something you will remember, you will be replaying it in your mind and smile, knowingly. You will know life is about being with someone who makes you feel this way, even if only for a night, but you will want to be back for more

October 5, 2018

I have been wanting to meet with Isla for the longest time. The stars never aligned for it to happen and just when i thought that it may never happen, it finally did.
I was drawn to Isla because i got the sense through Twitter that she was a genuine and lovely soul. I am very pleased to say that i was right. She is such an amazingly lovely woman who made me feel like an absolute king.

From her stunningly gorgeous outward appearance, to her lovingly warm embrace and poetically beautiful soul, you will lose yourself to the pleasure and affection she will shower down upon you.

I am still a little lost from staring at her beautiful eyes and smile and feeling her touch. From one word lover to another, thank you Isla, for letting me explore your mind and body. You have added to my life in the most amazing way possible. I can’t wait to do it all over again. xx.

Ps. The word was Duplicitous, even though it doesn’t mean what i thought it did!!

September 17, 2018

Last week Isla was touring my city and I spend a few hours with this beautiful girl with curves at the right places. The girl I saw on her twitter feed and her Scarlet Blue page, was the girl I met; the same smile, the same laughter, the same body and the same dress, which I loved very much. She has a quirky, relax, bubbly, sweet and easy-going character.
Communication with Isla was easy and relaxed. She is easy to contact by text, email or twitter and will take time out her schedule to answer your questions. Talking with her during our meeting was relaxing and inspiring. She helped me to settle down; I was a bit out of my comfort zone, as it was a long time between drinks since the last time I met a sex worker.

In the bedroom she showed more of her sensitive side and let me discover all the parts of her body: her kissable lips, her soft breasts, her sensitive neck and her curves that you want fondling all the time. I enjoyed her kisses, curdles and touches. Skilled she touched and played with my body and brought me to hit the high spot.

We finished with our bodies strangled together in long hug on her bed. When the end of our meeting was due, it was hard for me to leave her place. I left a deep connection with the girl and enjoyed her intense. For days I kept hearing the echo of her laughter.

I can’t wait until the next time she will tour my city and hope our calendars match. I am already enjoying the anticipation of our next encounter.

September 16, 2018

Can describe Isla in one word – PERFECT. From the smile, cute laugh, beautiful eyes, stunning hair, sensual touch. What else could you want – well the great engagement and conversation, cuddles and kisses, you could just do this only and it would be heaven. Thank you for a truly amazing time Isla.

September 13, 2018

One only could … should be fortunate enough to chance upon a time with Ms Fae.
A profound muse, a stimulator of many synapse, even those that sit in Forgottenworld. Not just with touch, but with sense, with smiles, with beaming eyes.

Just the best, beaming eyes.

Complimentary complements sit coupled within moments of escape. Occupied only by each other’s bodies. For just that time, that finite time, void describes the outside world. You won’t rummage, you won’t dare to, but if you do, it’s okay, too.

For if there weren’t another day, I had that time with Isla Fae.

August 31, 2018

Got to spend an amazing time with Isla, she taught me a lot of things and coached me through the whole session as I haven’t had a lot of experience. We really got time to connect and didn’t rush things which I thought was really great and I felt a real connection.

August 29, 2018

A sensual , slow , intimate evening I had with the delightful Isla. She is everything all the reviews say she is and so much more , I could of stayed all night just cuddled up afterwards looking into Isla’s beautiful eyes , kissing softly.
I had a night I’ll never forget with a lovely, intelligent , passionate woman.
Thank you Isla xx

August 29, 2018

As a couple we experienced an amazing experience with a beautiful free spirited caring goddess. Isla greeted my partner and myself in such a comfort and relaxing manner, my partner who is extremely shy eventually came comfortably out of her shell….thanks to Isla’s guidance and the mutual respect by all our time together was a beautiful fun, highlight that I’m sure to be repeated. Thank you Isla with all our passion and gratitude
I had a night I’ll never forget with a lovely, intelligent , passionate woman.
Thank you Isla xx

August 20, 2018

These are just a few of the most recent testimonials on Ivy Société and Scarlet Blue.